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Field Assembled Curbs

BOLT TOGETHER ROOF CURB -32.5" Square X 14" High, 18 GA Galvanized. Ships Flat. Pitched Curb Option Not Available with Bolt Together Curbs.
Bolt Together Curb

Bolt Together Curbs are constructed of G90 galvanized steel. Curbs are available for quick delivery and are assembled on the jobsite.

Field Assembled Curbs
Features and Benefits
  • Constructed of galvanized steel for improved rigidity.
  • Designed to prevent leakage into the building.
  • Optional features include vents and insulation.
  • Built to provide strength and support for hinging and cleaning fans.
  • Bolt together design for easy assembly in the field.
  • Can be packaged and shipped via Fed Ex for the fastest delivery.

Additional Information:
Assembly Instructions
Submittal Drawing
Double Rail Curb Seismic Calculations
Exhaust-Supply Curb Seismic Calculations
Rail Curb Seismic Calculations
Roof Top Curb 1 Seismic Calculations
Roof Top Curb 2 Seismic Calculations
Seismic Curb Assembly