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Modulating Electric Coil

Electric Duct Insert for Size 4 Enclosure. 600V 3 phase, 168 KW maximum - 4 stages total, 1 modulating, de-energizing contactors, 120V fan interlock relay, air pressure switch, control transformer, disconnect switch, and hinged door. Uses A/CP-DO-120-QC Sensor and VT7225 Thermostat. Sensor and Thermostat not included. Coil is 33.50" wide and 35.63" tall.
SCR Controlled Electric Coil

Electric Heat Coils are used in modular housings or in ductwork applications. Electric heat coils are used for tempering make-up air for installations requiring frequent air changes. The units are rated up to 257KW with voltages and phases to meet all electrical requirements. Air volume range is 400 - 22,000 CFM and up to 3" wg @ standard air density, depending on the heating requirements. The heaters are intended for indoor or outdoor installations in commercial kitchens, factories, foundries and similar commercial and industrial occupancies.

Modulating Electric Coil
SCR with modulating control.
Redundant safety controls.
Airflow proving switch.
Temperature control system.
High temperature limit.
Modulating Electric Coil
Additional Information:
Electric Insert Specifications
Operation and Installation Manual (PDF)
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