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DDAR20FA Parts
Motors, Pulleys, & Motor Specific Parts
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No motors are available for that model.
Replacement Parts
Part Per Unit List 
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Manual for PRVs $1.39 Order
Part Per Unit List 
CRB24.5X4E ROOF CURB - 24.5" Square X 4" High. Not for use with hinge kit. $132.38 Order
CRB24.5X12E ROOF CURB - 24.5" Square X 12" High $145.25 Order
CRB24.5X12-BTC BOLT TOGETHER ROOF CURB -24.5" Square X 12" High, 18 GA Galvanized. Ships Flat. Pitched Curb Option Not Available with Bolt Together Curbs. $122.31 Order
CRB24.5X16E ROOF CURB - 24.5" Square X 16" High $156.74 Order
CRB24.5X18E ROOF CURB - 24.5" Square X 18" High $156.74 Order
CRB24.5X20E ROOF CURB - 24.5" Square X 20" High $239.67 Order
Part Per Unit List 
I 19 BDD Gravity Back Draft Damper - with flange, damper is 19" sq., 2" deep, O.D. of flange is 21" sq. $46.00 Order