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HRE Specification
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Model: HRE

Description: Fan shall be painted steel, roof mounted, belt driven, upblast centrifugal exhaust ventilator.

Application: HRE centrifugal roof exhausters are engineered to discharge grease laden vapors, fumes and other contaminants vertically away from the building. Model HRE is specifically intended for high temperature and heavy grease applications.

Certifications:     Fan shall be ETL listed to UL705, and ULC-S645 Standards.

The fan shall be constructed of heavy gauge painted steel for aesthetics. Fan scroll and discharge duct shall be continuously welded to prevent grease leakage. Fan shall include integral hinges at the base to allow the fan to swing away for easy cleaning of the duct in compliance with NFPA-96. Hinges shall be designed to limit the amount of travel, preventing damage to the fan or roof. The hinged section of the fan shall be provided with heavy gauge, oversized handles welded in place to allow safe, fast and easy opening.

The base shall be constructed of heavy gauge painted steel with pre-punched mounting holes for fasteners. Base corners shall be welded to provide strength and support for hinging and cleaning and to prevent leakage into the building.

The fan wheel shall be centrifugal backward inclined and non-overloading. Wheels shall be balanced in two planes and done in accordance with AMCA standard 204-96, Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans. The wheel blades shall be aerodynamically designed to minimize turbulence, increase efficiency and reduce noise. The wheel shall be heavy gauge welded steel. In the event that balancing weights are required they shall be riveted or welded to the blades or wheel. The wheel inlet shall overlap the fan base inlet for maximum performance and efficiency. The wheel shall be firmly attached to the motor shaft with set screws.

Motor & Motor Compartment
Motors shall be heavy duty ball bearing type, mounted out of the airstream and furnished at the specified voltage, phase and enclosure. Motor mounting plate shall be constructed of heavy gauge steel and isolated from the fan structure with vibration isolators. The motor compartment shall be cooled by outside air drawn through louvers in the motor cover. The motor compartment shall be of a two-piece construction with the top cap being completely removable to provide unobstructed access to the motor and drives. Motor compartment shall include a shaft seal to prevent grease laden air from entering the motor compartment.

Shaft and Bearings
Shafts shall be precision ground and polished. Heavy duty, per-lubricated bearings shall be selected for a minimum life (L50) life in excess of 200,000 hours of operation at cataloged operating speed. They shall be designed and individually tested specifically for use in air handling applications.

Belts & Drives
Belts shall be oil and heat resistant, non-static type. Drives shall be cast type, precision machined and keyed and secured attached to the fan and motor shafts. Drives shall be sized for a minimum of 150% of the installed motor horsepower. Fan operating speed shall be factory set using adjustable pitch motor pulleys. Fan operating speed shall be factory set using adjustable pitch motor pulleys; motors over 2 HP will come standard with double groove pulleys.

Grease Spout
The grease drain shall be constructed of steel pipe, 2" NPT welded into place to prevent grease leakage.

Safety Disconnect Switch
A safety disconnect switch shall be standard on all HRE units with open drip proof motors. Switches shall be installed in a NEMA3R enclosure and mounted to exterior of windband for easy access.

Product: Fan shall be model HRE as manufactured by CaptiveAire Systems.
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