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PRBLS-CA & PRBLSH-CA Specification



Description: Fans shall be Type PRBLS-CA & PRBLSH-CA, Low Profile Hooded Propeller Roof Ventilator, Belt Driven

Certifications: Model PRBLS-CA & PRBLSH-CA shall be available UL 705 listed. Fans shall bear a permanently attached nameplate displaying model and serial number of the unit for future identification. Performance ratings shall conform to AMCA Standard 211 (air performance) and 311 (sound performance). Fans shall be tested in accordance with ANSI/AMCA Standard 210 (air performance) and 300 (sound performance) in an AMCA accredited laboratory. Fans shall be licensed to bear the AMCA certified ratings seal for both sound and air.

Construction: Fan curb caps shall be constructed of heavy gauge aluminum or finish painted steel for durability and appearance. Curb caps shall have a deep formed inlet venturi for efficient airflow and pre-punched holes for easy mounting to the roof curb. Hood and hood support mechanisms shall be heavy gauge galvanized steel. Motor mount assemblies shall be constructed of heavy gauge galvanized or finish painted steel.

Propellors: Propellers shall be constructed of fabricated steel or cast aluminum blades and hubs. Propellers on belt driven units shall be welded to the fan shaft or secured to the fan shaft with a taperlock bushing.

Bearings and Shafts: Bearings are to be pillow block, heavy-duty, anti-friction, self-aligning, grease lubricated, ball type. Each fan's bearings are sized with a minimum average life, per AFBMA, in excess of 200,000 hours when operating at the maximum RPM of the fan size. Shafts shall be AISI 1045 cold rolled steel, accurately turned, ground, polished, and ring gauged for accuracy. Shafts shall be sized for the first critical speed of at least 1.43 times the maximum speed.

Motors and Drives: All motors shall be single phase or three phase induction, permanently lubricated, heavy-duty, ballbearing type, closely matched to the fan load and provided at the voltage, phase, hertz and enclosure as provided on the fan schedule. Motor sheaves shall be cast iron, and supplied as variable pitch standard. Drives and belts shall be rated for a minimum of 150% of the required motor HP.

Finish and Coating: Fans shall have galvanized steel or finish painted curb caps, motor supports and windbands.

Accessories: When specified, accessories such as inlet safety guards, fusible link assemblies, magnetic damper latches, hinged bases, extended lube lines, roof curbs and disconnect switches shall be provided by manufacturer to maintain one source responsibility.

Factory Run Test: All fans prior to shipment shall be completely assembled and test run as a unit at operating speed or maximum RPM allowed for the particular construction type. Each propeller shall be statically and dynamically balanced in accordance with ANSI/AMCA 204-96 "Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans" to Fan Application Category BV-3, Balance Quality Grade G6.3. Balance readings shall be taken by electronic type equipment in the axial, vertical, and horizontal directions. Records shall be maintained and a written copy shall be available upon request.

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