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Controls for Industrial Direct Fired Recirculating Heaters (80/20)
Day and Night Control Option (DN)
Day and Night Control Option consists of a DAY/NIGHT switch that positions the fresh-air damper, controlled by either the photo-helic or manual-pot control during day operation and then positions the dampers for 20% fresh air and 80% return-air bypass during the night.
Manual-Positioning Control (MP)

Manual Positioning Control Option consists of a room-mounted potentiometer that adjusts manually from 20% to 100% fresh air to satisfy changing building make-up requirements. When the system selector is in the off position, the return-air bypass damper closes by the spring-return damper motor.

Humidity Control Option: a modulating-humidistat position damper motor uses fresh air to lower space humidity.

Static-Pressure Positioning Control (SPP)
Static-Pressure Control Option consists of a room-mounted static controller with an outdoor sensor. The controller can be set to the building's minimum and maximum static-pressure requirements. The damper proportions the fresh-air and return-air dampers to maintain static pressure between the minimum and maximum settings.

A visual indicator of the building static pressure is incorporated in the controller. When the System Selector Switch is in the OFF position, a switch circuit powers the return-air bypass to the closed position.