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Gas-Manifold Arrangements
Standard Manifold

FM Gas Manifold - Meets MN State Gas Code Requirements

FIA/IRI Manifold

A standard manifold has the necessary gas valves and safety components for most burner applications. Select the proper manifold for projects requiring specific insurance requirements. Manifold size is based on gas pressure available and BTU input. Basic mainfold supplied with two soleniod gas valves. Leak test valves can be included.
PG pressure gauge V-1 main-gas valve no. 1
PR-1 main-gas regulator V-2 main-gas valve no. 2
PR-2 pilot-gas regulator V-3 normally open vent valve
PR-3 high-gas regulator V-4 modulating valve
SO-1 main-gas shutoff valve V-5 pilot gas valve
SO-2 leak-test valve PS-1 low-gas pressure switch
SO-3 pilot-gas shutoff valve PS-2 high-gas pressure switch