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Hassle Free-
Internally Mounted Down-Discharge Dampers

-for the installer
  • easy to install
  • simple to service

No unexpected installation costs.
No wiring hassles.

Now, all down-discharge arrangements have internally mounted, self-contained dampers that eliminate the hassle of fitting and mounting them separately. Plus, down-discharge dampers mounted in the unit come pre-wired and ready to install - no need for complicated wiring on-site - saving time and money. Finally, if maintenance is required on inside-mounted dampers, access from the rooftop is both convenient and economical.

-for the owner
  • increased comfort
  • more energy efficient

Specially designed, low-leakage, low-resistance, air foil blade damper.

These units use exceptionally low-leakage dampers that isolate warm building air from cold, outdoor air. The dampers' blade-and-jam seals prevent unheated air from entering the building. Finally, the streamlined blade shape reduces turbulence and lowers pressure drop, producing less air noise and saving energy costs by requiring less braking horespower.