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Ultimate Heating System
The "Total Heat System" is designed to produce the most efficient heating option for commercial and industrial use today. By continuously introducing variable amounts of fresh air over a 100% thermal efficent direct-fired burner along with turning over the unused heated air in the space, this system will eliminate cold drafts, temperature stratification, and stale air build up due to inadequate ventilation. This highly efficient system has been developed over the years to provide your shop, garage, or industrial facility with year round comfort and energy savings.

Heating Benefits:
  • Delivers 100% of the BTUs to the space ensuring the highest efficiency
  • 100% thermal efficient direct-fired burner
  • 100% fresh air for burner combustion
  • 25:1 fully modulationg burner
  • Return air never passes across burner
Air Movement Benefits:
  • Captures heat trapped at ceiling level, to increase efficiency
  • Continues air movement to ensure continuous comfort
  • Continuous positive pressure eliminates infiltration of cold drafts
  • Eliminates stratification of air for uniform temperature throught building
  • Continuous outside air to improve inside air quality
Total Heat System
Total Heat System

Conventional Heat System
Conventional Heat System

Engineered With You In Mind:
  • ETL tested and labeled to ensure safety
  • Optional accessories to meet your needs
  • Over 10 different arrangements to meet your application
  • Temperature controls designed to meet your application
  • Easy to install for lower up-front costs
  • Easy to service with double wall access doors to all controls and components
  • Easy to trouble shoot with step-by-step wiring diagrams
  • G-90 galavanized casing design for long life cycle of equipment