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VAV - Variable Air Volume
when variable make-up air volumes are needed-
testing laboratories

welding locations

multiple-station process areas

Offers control technology not available with most direct-fired units.
  • Advanced power-switching technology
    • insulated gate bi-polar transistor (IGBT)
    • delivering tripless operation at 100% motor load capacity at motor's rated load.
  • Sophisticated micro-processing control system
    • pulse width modulated (PWM), adjustable-frequency drive that permits precise control of AC motors.

  • Building pressure adjusted depending on application needs.
  • Future expansion flexibilty with established route to HVAC system.

  • ETL Listed, and meets ANSI standards.
  • CaptiveAire's reputation for rugged, well-built direct-fired units.

  • Lower operating costs which compared to constant volume operating systems
  • Less equipment wear-and-tear with built-in "Soft-Start" system
  • Energy rebates available from many local utilities.