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Efficient Make-Up Air Delivery Method

Supply Plenums

Supply Plenums Patented Dual Plenum Design
AC-PSP Dual Plenum Design Dedicated Make-Up Air Building HVAC Air


Visually Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing

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Optional LED Lights

Option allows for lighting around the hood and available with AC-PSP and PSP. Round, recessed LED lights are placed in the divider between the PSP and the AC plenums. The light is a 3.5 watt, warm white and 20 cluster LED, and can be wired directly to 120V AC.

AC-PSP Accessory

Optional LED Lights
  • Stainless Steel Construction with Dual Plenum Design
  • Dual Plenum Design - Make-up air stream and HVAC air do not mix until leaving the plenum
  • Make-up Air Plenum is located nearest to the hood and provides the required amount of make-up air
  • AC Plenum is farthest away from the hood and provides convenient termination point for HVAC ductwork in the kitchen
  • AC Plenum is insulated to prevent condensation
  • AC Plenum provides spot cooling for increased kitchen comfort
  • Optional LED Lights

PSP Accessory

Optional LED Lights
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Two layers of perforated metal to evenly distribute make-up air along the length of the hood
  • Plenum provides the required make-up air
  • Easy Installation
  • Optional Insulation for plenum
  • Optional LED Lights

The Evolution of Make-up Air Delivery

The Evolution of Make-up Air Delivery

The Perforated Supply Plenum (PSP) and AC Perforated Supply Plenum (AC-PSP) both introduce make-up air near the hood and direct air downward into the capture area of the hood. The dual plenum design (AC-PSP) adds an additional plenum to allow convenient termination of the HVAC ductwork to the kitchen and provide spot cooling. Providing the required make-up air for your kitchen system, the PSP and AC-PSP both evenly distribute air along the length of the hood through the perforated stainless steel diffuser plates.

Additional Information

This product may be covered by one or more of the following patent number(s): (United States) 7963830, (Canada) 2520330, 2820509, or other U.S. and foreign patents pending.

Solution for Make-up Air Video