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The Most Effective Grease Extractors in Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

System Description

Cooking produces emissions that are the source of mess and cost. The emissions include steam, gas molecules and aerosol droplets that range in size from sub-microscopic to large spatters and solid particles. CaptiveAire's Captrate Filter line offers the most effective grease extractors in the commercial kitchen ventilation industry today to help reduce the grease build-up in the hood duct and plenum. The Captrate Filter line, both Solo and Combo, can extract more than 85% of grease above seven microns in size.

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Grease-Stop Solo Filter is ETL Listed under file number 105195378COL-001 and complies with Standard UL1046 and ULC-S649, NSF Standard #2, NFPA 96 and IMC

Grease-Stop Combo Filter is ETL Listed under file number 105195378COL-001 and complies with Standard UL1046 and ULC-S649, NSF Standard #2, NFPA 96 and IMC

Filters were tested to ASTM F2519.

What do you trust in your kitchen?

Captrate© Solo Filter

CaptiveAire's Captrate© Solo Filter is a single-stage filter featuring a unique S-Baffle design in conjunction with a slotted rear baffle design to deliver exceptional filtration efficiency of single-stage devices.

The Captrate© Solo Filters are available in standard industry sizes and are designed to capture and remove a high percentage of the total grease particulate emissions produced during commercial kitchen cooking operations.

Benefits include reduced fire hazard and maintenance associated with grease build-up in hood plenums, duct work, fan assemblies, rooftops and adjacent surfaces when using Solo filters. The Solo filter is constructed of 430 stainless steel and sized to fit into standard 2-inch deep hood channel(s).

Single unit assembly design does not require any components to be separated for cleaning and maintenance. Simply wash using a dishwasher or soak using a commercial degreaser.

Captrate© Solo & Combo Filter Collection Efficiency Comparison

Efficiency Comparison Chart
Captrate© Combo Filter

CaptiveAire's Captrate© Combo Filter uses the latest technology in multi-stage grease filtration, delivering unparalleled efficiency for restaurant hood systems.

The first stage consists of an optimized S-baffle designed to remove and drain the larger grease particles. The second stage features a packed-bed of porous ceramic media, designed to capture the smaller grease particles associated with commercial cooking. The combined result is a front-end filtration solution delivering unparalleled grease removal efficiency for restaurant hood systems.

The Captrate© Combo Filter is available for new kitchen hoods and can also be retrofitted into most existing ventilation systems. It will substantially reduce cleaning, maintenance cycles and attendant expenses, providing greater overall cost savings than other grease capture devices or systems on the market today.

Baffle Diagram

Captivating performance

The Captrate© filter, which is a bed of porous ceramic beads, captures small particles as they are forced through the bed's pathways and then pulls the grease into the beads to prevent clogging. This capture-and-store process as well as the high efficiency, first-stage baffle, which confines more grease than any other baffle, extends the cleaning interval, thereby lengthening the system's run time.

The Captrate© Combo filter features a bed of porous ceramic beads to capture small grease particles as they are forced through the pathways of the bead bed. The grease is then pulled into the beads to prevent clogging, which results in a capture-and-store process. The media bed, along with the first stage baffle filter, confines more grease and reduces the quantity of grease throughout the plenum and duct system.

Features & Benefits of Captrate Filter Line

Efficient front-end grease capture system
  • Reduces the operating costs by decreasing the frequency of hood and duct work cleaning, exhaust fan replacement, and roof repair
  • Improves fire safety of cooking operations by reducing quantity of fuel (grease) throughout the system
  • In some cases, can eliminate the need for costly, downstream air purification systems
Captures 2-4 times the weight of grease compared to standard baffle filters
  • Cleaner ducts, exhaust fans, and exterior surfaces, including roofs, walls, and pavement
  • Less grease being exhausted from kitchens means less odor, reduces neighbor complaints
Available in all popular sizes of standard baffle filters
  • Retrofit capability - CaptiveAire's Captrate© Combo Filters will fit into most existing hood systems that use standard 2" deep filters
  • Easy removal and cleaning by the kitchen staff
Tough stainless steel construction
  • Stands up to rough handling

Captrate© Solo & Combo Filter Sizes

(h x w)
(h x w x d)
(sq. ft.)
20 x 20 19 5/8” x 19 5/8” x 1 7/8” 2.23
20 x 16 19 5/8” x 15 5/8” x 1 7/8” 1.73
16 x 20 15 5/8” x 19 5/8” x 1 7/8” 1.73
16 x 16 15 5/8” x 15 5/8” x 1 7/8” 1.35