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Pulley Combinations for the RAM2.24-A20-18A fan with a 00718OT3H213T-S3 Phs, 7.5 HP, ODP, Premium (E-Plus3) Eff. Motor
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Motor Pulley: 2VP60 x 1-3/8
6 Turns = 4.7 Motor Pitch
0 Turns = 5.9 Motor Pitch
1/2 Turn = 0.1 Motor Pitch
RPM Range Fan Pulley Pitch Dia. Bushing Belt Qty Belt by Discharge Max Turns Pitch @ Max Turns Min Turns Pitch @ Min Turns
Down Side
546 - 635 2BK160H 15.7 H-1 7/16 BX72     5.0 4.9 1.0 5.7
626 - 728 2BK140H 13.7 H-1 7/16   BX65   5.0 4.9 1.0 5.7
The manufacturer reserves the right to use alternate motors from alternate vendors that meet the operating requirements of the fan but may have slightly different specifications.