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Reverse Product Breakdown - TL-01M

TRUNKLINE - Extended Intake for size 1, modular untempered MUA unit, 19.75" Width, 132.32" Length, 21.32" Height Includes intake hood with 2" EZ Kleen metal mesh filters, adjustable legs and 87.75" long extension.
Used in Qty Used
A1-15D Untempered Supply Unit with 15" Mixed Flow Direct Drive Fan in Size #1 Housing 1
A1-16Z Untempered Supply Unit with 16" Direct Drive Fan in Size #1 Housing 1
A1-18Z Untempered Supply Unit with 18" Direct Drive Fan in Size #1 Housing 1
A1-G10 Direct Drive Untempered Supply Unit with 10" Blower in Size #1 Housing with speed control, disconnect switch. 1