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  Products > Heaters > Direct Fired Industrial Vertical > CAV-M  
 Industrial Direct Fired Vertical 80/20 - Single
Model:   CAV-M
Air Volume:   2000 - 40000 cfm
Maximum SP:   3" wg. @ standard air density
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Required sizing specifications:
  Belt Drive
  Air Volume: cfm
  Ductwork Discharge ESP: " wg. @ standard air density
  Ductwork Intake ESP: " wg. @ standard air density
  Ductwork Return Air ESP: " wg. @ standard air density
  Altitude:  ft.
  Winter Design Temp:  °F
  Temperature Rise:  °F
  Motor Hertz:
  Motor Type:
  Max Sones:
  Sones Distance:

Optional parameters for advanced fan selection:

  Output BTUs:
  Input BTUs:
  BTUs  based off standard air density:
  Motor Phase:

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