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SCS Written Specification

The panel shall consist of a plumbing compartment and an electrical controls compartment. These two compartments shall be separated and water tight to prevent any damage to the electrical components in the electrical compartment. All plumbing shall be standard brass pipefitting.

The manifold shall include a combination pressure/temperature gauge, shock absorber, pressure reducing valve, water solenoid valve, surfactant pump, surfactant tank, surfactant point check valve, and ball valve.

The panel shall be available in 3/4", 1" and 1.5" manifold size and shall allow for an optional back flow preventer.

All surfactant injection is done before the water solenoid in the factory. A backflow preventer is required for every system that uses hot water wash. For cold water mist applications, it is suggested that a backflow preventer is used.

The controls shall include a smart processor and a CAS HMI screen for total control of Self Cleaning operation. The CAS HMI shall be located on the front of the panel and shall allow for user-friendly configuration of different options including multiple wash zones, wash time and 7-day/24-h programmable schedule for the fans and wash cycle.

The panel shall allow for optional Building Management remote Control, Pollution Control Unit pressure switch connection for filter change indication, electric gas valve connection with integrated Reset Relay logic, thermostatic control of the fans and Integration with Demand Ventilation Controls.